Always dreamed of creating a Champagne themed tree but not sure where to start?

Be inspired by the look we have created and use some of our Styling Tips to help you create this look at home. If a product is sold out, don’t be afraid to substitute it for another product you love to complete the look!

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We recommend the below to fill a 7ft tree (2.13m), this is enough decorations to fill a tree ¾ worth, to sit in the corner of a room.


X1 Champagne Snowflake Ribbon

X6 Champagne Gum Leaf Spray

X6 Champagne & White Poinsettia



X2 Gold Lined Ball (15cm)

X6 Gold Long Finial

X5 Gold Short Finial

X4 Pearl Encrusted Round

X4 Pearl Mirror Base Detailed Round

X4 White Leaf Long Drop

X4 White, Gold & Silver Leaf Onion

X4 Alina Clip On Butterfly Gold Small

X5 Short Glass & Gold Drop

X10 Long Glass & Gold Drop

Total 48 ornaments


Tree Topper

x1 Vega Snowflake Jewell Tree Star Topper Gold



  1. Prepare. Take the time to fluff out your tree branches to create the perfect base to work with. One branch at a time, seperate the fronds and bend the branches to create a fuller look.
  2. Lights. Place the lights in triangular sections, in a zig-zag motion, making it a tangle-free dismantle.
  3. Ribbon. Simply loop the wired ribbon in sections down one side of the tree. Pinch and wrap a tree branch around each section to create a unique filler.
  4. Ornaments. Next place on ornaments. Always choose one style ornament at a time to place onto the tree so you can balance them accordingly. Space out the ornaments in a zig-zag motion to create cohesion on the tree.

Ornament tip: We would suggest to invest in the same style ornament with 4-6 pieces of each, rather than purchasing 1 or 2 of different styles. This helps to create cohesion and a stylist-finished look.

  1. Repeat. Repeat this process with the other ornaments (remember to stand back after every placement to make sure the balance looks right)
  2. Topper. After this, either choose the simplicity of a single tree star, or create your topper using a range of picks and sprays to complete the tree and provide height.
  3. Flowers and sprays. Then the fun comes in with filling the gaps with flowers and sprays wherever you see a gap! Have fun with it! Remember, unlike ornaments where you may use 4-6 pieces of each style, with flowers you may only need 4 or so scattered throughout the tree, pending the size of the flower. You can group flowers together to create a 'cluster' or add them to the bottom of your sprays under the topper. Tip for sprays: Angle them downward in the tree to fill gaps and add texture.

Have fun styling your tree, your way! We cannot wait to see how you style these beauties in your home or workspace. Be sure to tag us, so we can be part of this journey with you @twoturtledovesaustralia #twoturtledovesaustralia

With peace and joy,

Two Turtle Doves, Tina & Bianca x

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