Inspiring magical moments and everlasting traditions

This business statement underpins the nature of who we are as people and the change we aspire to make in family homes.

A particular cause close to our hearts, is children living with a disability and importantly, their parents and/or caregivers. Until we experienced the nature of this ourselves and what this meant for our everyday living, never-ending therapy, the small moments in life you imagine experiencing with your child, such as an Easter egg hunt or decorating the Christmas tree and knowing your child may not be able to participate in the way you imagined, can be extremely difficult.

Many parents we have met along the way have said, they “never thought of including their child with a disability in decorating a Christmas tree, as the decorations are not suitable”. Their child struggled with low muscle tone, poor coordination and fine motor skills, their behaviour meant they would throw items or they would hit their head with them.

It also so life consuming. It is not just an hour 6 hours of therapy a week the child endures, the child and parent also endures the travel to and from these appointments. In my experience, I and close friends would drive hours away for the right therapist and therapy for our child. Rather than taking our child to a sports game or dance class, it is usually consumed by managing your job and balancing the needs of your child with endless hours of therapy.

This is where we wanted to make a difference. Families do not have the mental capacity to source products outside of therapy. We have HUGE plans to evolve this, but our first mission was to find decorations that would not shatter when a child dropped them. One of the first things you think of with a child with a disability (and for a typically developing child), is them dropping or throwing glass ornaments and the experience becoming unsafe and stressful.

We will be introducing beautifully, sourced, foam decorations, so when they are dropped, they will not shatter like glass! No glass, all foam. The second part to this was understanding the needs of children with fine motor planning issues and muscle tone, is that coordinating holding a thin fishing wire to place on the tree is nearly impossible. We have sourced hooks that can be connected to the foam decorations that allow children enough hand room to grasp onto (with a parent or caregivers help) and they can take their time to hook on a decoration to a tree branch and feel accomplished and INCLUDED! All you need to do is set them up for success by bending the tree branch upward, ready for the hook to catch on.

Walking this walk on the other end as a parent and grandmother of a child with special needs, we see and feel the stress on families during these special moments of the year. So we want them all to know that our Christmas community sees you, we feel you and we hear you! These changes are not just for your child, but for YOU!