Hello fellow lover of Christmas! We are mother and daughter duo, Tina and Bianca and we are Christmas obsessed. 

We’re here to inspire you to bring YOUR own version of Christmas magic alive in your beautiful homes with ease and confidence! At the heart of Christmas lives togetherness and we hope you feel this through our community.

Over the years we have sourced and learnt what the essential ingredients are to create the perfect look and feel in our homes and on our Christmas tree. We have taken the time to select every ornament, garland, pick, spray and flower to stock in our all year round Christmas store, we know you’ll adore. 

Styling a tree can feel overwhelming for some, we’re here to shift that feeling and build your confidence and show you how simple this can be to do yourself. Follow us on Instagram as we share styling tips and knowledge on how to perfectly style our products on your tree and to inspire you to create your DREAM Christmas in your beautiful home.

More than this, we truly believe in the spirit of Christmas giving and creating traditions with your loved ones that last a lifetime! Our favourite tradition together as a family is decorating our Christmas tree. That feeling when you open your decorations box every year, we are sure you feel the same, is indescribable!

two turtle doves, decorating for christmas, christmas tree ornaments
two turtle doves, decorating for christmas, christmas tree ornaments


Hello, my name is Tina! I am mum to the other dove, my beautiful daughter Bianca; together we are Two Turtle Doves.

Q: Why did you want to start this business? There is something so special and magical when you decorate your home for Christmas. It’s so much more than decorations, it is the feeling of complete joy and happiness that brings to my family and friends. After years of sharing my styling tips with friends and family, as well as sourcing my own Christmas decorations from around the world, I wanted to share this with you all, as a way to inspire you to bring your own version of Christmas magic alive in your beautiful homes. I also want to inspire you to create your own traditions that will create everlasting memories together with loved ones.

Creating a Christmas store has been a dream of mine for many years. After years of sourcing the perfect decorations, I really wanted to create a store that took the guess work out and save you time searching for the perfect Christmas collection. As all families experience, there are always a few bumps in the road that create set backs, but this year was the right time to connect with our fellow lovers of Christmas and share our dream store with you!

Q: What is your favourite part of styling during Christmas time? It is definitely the look of awe on my family and friends faces when they walk through my door, as they experience the magic of Christmas - it fills me with so much joy. Over the years, friends and family have come to Bianca and myself asking for advice on how to achieve a certain look. This is the reason why part of our business will be sharing with everyone, how to achieve your dream look - with one place to shop! It really is so much easier piecing a look together when you have all of the right decorations in the one place. I am so grateful that you are on this journey with us.

With peace and joy, Tina (one of the Two Turtle Doves)


Hello, my name is Bianca! I am the daughter of the other dove, my incredible mum Tina; together we are Two Turtle Doves.

Q: Why did you want to start this business? I could not think of anyone better to start a business with than my incredibly sweet, talented and passionate mum. For years, our family home has been known for being ‘Mr & Mrs Claus house’. My mum has been styling trees with all of the latest trends, years before they come to fruition! My parents instilled the importance of Christmas in me and I have grown up in a household dressed in the magic of Christmas. For years, I have searched high and low for the perfect ornaments to add to my collection, and that feeling when I would find ‘the one’ is indescribable! I wanted to invest in a collection that I can one day pass down to my daughter to form part of our tradition and give her the same magic in our home, my parents gave to me. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start this business, to save you time from having to search for perfection, offer you everything you need within the one store and inspire you to create your own traditions in your home.

Like my mum mentioned above, I feel so humbled when my friends and family ask for our advice when it comes to styling, and asks ‘‘what goes with what?’ or ‘how many should I buy?’. As we found it difficult to find decorations we have dreamt of, we are so excited to soon share our exclusive products with you. The joy of sharing that excitement Christmas brings, is one of a kind!

Q. Why is Christmas with a cause important to you?

The driver behind our business is not just about decorations, it runs much deeper. Myself and my mum are so passionate to make even the tiniest change in the lives of parents or caregivers caring for a child with a disability, especially around Christmas. My daughter was born just before Christmas and has special needs and it really turned our world upside down when we thought she would not be able to participate in the ‘togetherness’ and ‘traditions’ that we have in our family. This is why Christmas with a Cause was born! We have HUGE plans in this space and we can’t wait to share what’s in store. Find out more (link to Christmas with a cause page)

 With peace and joy, Bianca (one of the Two Turtle Doves)

two turtle doves, decorating for christmas, christmas tree ornaments