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We have sourced these hooks to attach to the Styrofoam decorations. We have considered children with special needs and different abilities. It can be really disheartening when you feel your child is limited in their involvement during this special time of year.

We know that fine motor skills (for typical and non-typically developing children) and low muscle-tone can be a challenge, so, we have sourced PLASTIC HOOKSs, that simply attach to the fishing wire of a decoration, that will allow parents/caregivers the ability to hold/guide their child's hand to hold the hook, or provide a hand over hand gesture, allowing them to hook the decoration on the tree, to feel accomplished! Simply loop the fishing line onto the hook multiple times until it can't fall off or you can leave it simple dangling if you prefer the length. This gives a child the opportunity to see and grasp onto a large hook, to assist them in attaching the decoration to the tree!

Our tip: Make sure the tree branch is bent slightly upwards so the hook will stay in place, so it has something to hook onto and doesn't fall off the tree. This might be a small change, but HUGE to some. *This is not a toy, or safe to chew on. It is for decoration and functional use only.



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